We represent the industry’s most reliable products.

DCG distributes a wide array of radio equipment and communication accessories. We stock portable radios, repeaters, air-to-ground base stations, digital recorders, antennas, headsets, speaker microphones and many other products. Most items are available for same-day shipping.

Two-Way Radios and Repeaters

We offer radios and repeaters from industry leading manufacturers including Hytera, Kenwood, and Icom. Whether it’s digital or analog, handheld or mobile, VHF or UHF, we have it. All of our radios include programming, warranty management, and free remote support.

  • Hytera

    Hytera is an industry leader in research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and bringing next generation radio technology to the market. Their wide range of products allow us to deliver user-centric solutions to clients around the world.

  • Kenwood

    Kenwood portable radios, mobiles, and custom systems are acknowledged to be a top choice in the world market, particularly by first responders, and we have distributed their products to business and industry for over 30 years.

  • Icom

    Icom produces a variety of land mobile radio equipment covering everything from military and public safety radios to commercially used two-way devices. Icom has radios for every frequency band including UHF, VHF, 7/800 MHz, and P25 applications.

Air-to-Ground Radios

We’ve installed air-to-ground radios across the globe for airlines, ground support operators, control towers, and aviation maintenance facilities. Aeronautical radio needs vary, and we have a wide range of radio options.

  • Jotron

    Jotron offers high performance VHF and UHF radios for civil and military air traffic control, and coastal and offshore air traffic communication. Jotron radios can be controlled and monitored remotely which greatly improves operational efficiency.

  • Technisonic

    Technisonic is well-established as a world leader in the development of aviation-related communications products and we have deployed their solutions to airlines, airports, and ground support operators throughout North and South America.

  • Icom

    Pilots all over the world trust Icom for their air band communications. They dominate the handheld air band market and also offer in-panel air band radios that are easy-to-use and have cutting-edge technology.

Communication Accessories

The best radios need the best accessories. From wireless headset systems to speaker microphones, to remote handsets, to pushback cords, we provide it all.

  • David Clark

    David Clark Company, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide variety of communications equipment and is best known for noise attenuating headsets featuring boom microphones. We’ve distributed David Clark products, including headsets and two-way radio systems, for more than two decades to customers in aviation and public safety environments.

  • Sigtronics

    Sigtronics produces high quality communication accessories for aviation applications. Products include headsets, intercoms, cables, adapters, and audio panels. Sigtronics’ tight quality standards have allowed us to deploy their products to the most exacting customers with great success.

  • OTTO Communications

    OTTO Communications specializes in accessories for the two-way radio market including surveillance kits, lightweight headsets, speaker microphones, wireless accessories, and tactical, fire, and HAZMAT communications equipment. Their superior and innovative products have made our clients raving fans.