About Us

About the company

DCG was founded more than 30 years ago with a simple mission: To help aviation customers better utilize radios to connect their people. Of course, this was before cell phones, before the internet, and before text messaging. We showed airlines how to transform their “walkie talkies” into powerful tools to link their pilots, mechanics, gate agents, and customer service reps. We made push-to-talk easy – at the ticket counter, in the hangar, and at 15,000 feet.

By 1998 we expanded our business to include hospitals, hotels, amusement parks, and manufacturing facilities. It has snowballed since and you can find our radios in universities, on trains, and in delivery vehicles across the country. In fact, you can leave the country and still find our radios.


The truth is, any company can sell radios. Our exciting growth is rooted in superior service and customer convenience. We design and install systems, create networks, write code, repair equipment, and we do it all with a singular focus on what’s best for our customers. A lot has changed since we opened our doors way back when but our commitment to do what we do best has not – we connect people.

Two-Way Radio

We are a full-service provider of land mobile radio (LMR) products. We work across the entire frequency spectrum and are experts in fixed facility installations and mobile applications. Our product portfolio includes the latest in digital technology from the world’s leading radio manufacturers.

Air-To-Ground Radio

We are a leading aeronautical radio provider, and our solutions support airlines and ground support operators across the world. We are very familiar with the challenges aviation clients face and have a great track record of delivering ideas that solve their problems.

Mission Critical Solutions

We design and build the systems that connect people when every second counts. From dispatch consoles to security monitoring, telco management to weather monitoring, we keep command centers and their teams on the same page.

National Technical Support

Having trouble with your air-to-ground radio? Are your portable radios not providing enough coverage? Call us. You can reach us anytime. Our automated system will connect you with a live person within minutes. Our technicians are located across the country and well positioned to respond quickly to your support needs.

National Service Center

Our service center can repair all kinds of radios and the accessories that go with them. It’s equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, a full inventory of parts, and experienced technicians who have been repairing radios for years. We’re a one-stop shop for radio equipment repair and maintenance.