Public Safety

Real-time support for split-second decisions.

In the world of public safety, time is often a luxury. Decisions have to be made at a moment’s notice. And sometimes even sooner.

As one of the Midwest’s largest providers of two-way radios and unified systems, we provide public safety clients with comprehensive communication solutions including engineering, installation, repair, and technical support services. Numerous law enforcement teams, fire departments, emergency medical services and command centers rely on Diversified Communications Group to increase their situational awareness in order to make more informed decisions.

DCG has designed and provided communication solutions for the public safety sector for more than 30 years. Whether tracking personnel through smoke or dispatching additional services, DCG will provide you with the solution you need for your team to respond with the right tools to save lives, protect the public and keep personnel safe.

  • For first responders in unpredictable circumstances
  • Quality, reliable, real-time communication
  • Equipment that stands up to extreme elements
  • Works seamlessly across a custom designed network