Energy providers require energetic solutions.

At DCG, ideas are our energy. And our solutions keep your energy company connected so you can focus on your core mission — providing product, service and maintaining safety. Our vast experience is essential to providing those solutions.

DCG has designed and provided communication solutions for the energy sector for more than 30 years. Energy suppliers and producers rely on two-way radio communications to increase productivity, provide a safe work environment, and control cost. 

Energy companies have to maintain service levels while also following strict regulatory compliances and controlling costs. Our comprehensive product portfolio is capable of providing customized solutions that enhance safety, security, and connectivity.

Our experienced team can create a system that will allow you to link multiple divisions securely across your network so personnel can focus on the task at hand and not be limited by technology constraints. Whatever the situation, we can help your team coordinate quickly to address customer needs or unexpected circumstances.

  • Communication makes sure the energy flows
  • Manage emergency situations and thwart security breaches
  • Connect staff seamlessly and efficiently
  • National technical support
  • Custom designed solutions